Our Carer Retreats

Experience the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation in nature with our retreats designed specifically for carers. At our retreats you will find a sanctuary to unwind and learn valuable strategies for creating tranquillity in your life. Each retreat offers an unique combination of activities tailored to meet your needs:-

A morning tea inspired by native Australian Bush Tucker ingredients​

Mindful eating experience for lunch where the sounds and smells of nature will transport you to a place of peace with food that will nourish your soul​

Interactive workshop with take home resources​

Thank-you gift​

Our Tranquil Oasis retreat will include a slow and relaxing yin-yoga session, adaptable to all levels (no experience required) and a workshop on ‘Living in a Happy State’ which will share practical techniques for promoting health, well-being and happiness.

Our Equilibrium Escape retreat will feature an immersive sound healing experience that will rebalance your nervous system, promoting deep rest and emotional release and a workshop on ‘The Gut-Brain Connection’ which will explore the powerful connection between gut health and emotional well-being, offering insights and strategies for achieving harmony in the body and mind.

2023 Dates

Tranquil Oasis
Thursday 15th June
Wednesday 16th August

Equilibrium Escape
Thursday 13th July

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