Life Skills

Life skills are essential abilities that enable individuals to adapt and exhibit positive behaviour in order to effectively navigate the demands and challenges of life. These skills encompass various aspects of daily living, whether at school, work, home or in personal relationships.

Teaching life skills involves imparting knowledge and techniques relating to:-

Why do we teach life skills?

Life skills do not develop on their own; they need to be learned and nurtured. Many individuals we work with face social, physical, environmental or intellectual factors that impact their ability to make informed and responsible decisions.

Teaching life skills is a crucial aspect of mentoring programs at Tribes Adventure Group. By providing instruction in life skills, we empower our clients to make informed and responsible decisions and take action accordingly. Building these skills enhances an individual’s ability to take responsibility for themselves, increase their independence and maximise their potential to contribute positively to their community.

Our systematic approach to teaching life skills is an essential strategy within our mentoring programs. We have a comprehensive suite of life lesson skills accessible to every Eco-mentor enabling us to reinforce parental or carer expectations while helping participants achieve their goals and aspirations.
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