About Us

Welcome to Tribes Adventure Group where we strive to reconnect with the wisdom of our ancestors and foster positive participation within the community.

Throughout history, tribal groups thrived by embracing their sense of identity, respecting their elders and living in harmony with the natural environment. They possess invaluable survival skills and a deep understanding of sustainability. However as our society has evolved with technological advances and infrastructure we have lost touch with these vital principles. Our current trajectory is deemed unsustainable and resources are now considered finite. Despite this we label our actions as ‘civilised’ in an attempt to distinguish ourselves from the past.

At Tribes Adventure Group we recognise the need to reclaim this knowledge and philosophy. We offer innovative programs that mentor positive behaviours and promote active participation in our community. Our programs are at the forefront of innovation in community service in Australia. We believe in empowering individuals and groups to develop self-reliance, resilience and a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Through our experiential learning approach, participants engage in hands-on activities that challenge and inspire them to overcome obstacles, work together and discover their true potential. Whether it’s survival skills training, team-building adventures or cultural immersion our programs are carefully designed to instil a renewed sense of connection to the environment, foster positive behaviours and promote community engagement. By embracing the wisdom of the past and combining it with modern techniques we offer unparalleled experience that equips individuals with the skills necessary to thrive in today’s world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire personal and societal growth through adventure, mentoring and eco-therapy through timeless tribal values.

Our Vision

Our vision sees a world in which everyone understands that they are one tribe; in which the most vulnerable people are uplifted to realise their potential; in which every culture’s unique wisdom is celebrated; and in which all communities live and grow in harmony with nature.

Our Values

~ Harmony ~ Opportunity ~ Wonder ~ Integrity ~ Challenge ~


We value a harmonious environment for all our staff and participants. The natural world is full of symbiotic relationships operating in harmony. Tribes Adventure Group is an organism in the ecosystem of the community.

Through engaging with the best people, in the best possible work environment, we create the best possible quality and outcomes for everyone we support.


We value creating opportunities for all our staff and our participants to pursue their passions.

By thinking outside the box and going beyond the conventional, we will support you to generate innovative opportunities, promote personal and societal growth and ensure lasting and positive changes. ​


We foster wonder in our staff and participants through creative education, the pursuit of inspirational experiences and the challenges in our community and the natural environment.​


We maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour. We value transparency and honesty in our communications, relationships and actions. We honour the unique and diverse skills, experiences and perspectives of all our staff and treat our participants, stakeholders and community partners with sensitivity, empathy and respect.​


We seek to challenge our staff and our participants to venture outside of their comfort zone in order to build resilience and grow to their full potential.
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