Our Programs of Support

Our Programs of Support are 12 week programs that are designed to build up the participant’s independence and capacity each week. Our current Programs of Support are as follows:-

Work Experience (coming soon)

Life Skills: The Kitchen Academy

Join us on a culinary journey where you’ll acquire a range of skills and techniques that will transform you from relying on food delivery to become a culinary master like those on Masterchef!

In addition to mastering cooking techniques, this course will also delve into the rich food traditions and cultural practices from tribes around the world. Discover diverse flavours, ingredients and cooking methods that have shaped culinary heritage globally.

As part of the program, you’ll receive a delightful takeaway package filled with delicious meals and carefully curated ingredients. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive recipe book that encompasses all the culinary creations you’ve mastered during the course.

In the final week of the program, we have a special treat in store for you. You’ll have the opportunity to extend your newfound cooking knowledge by inviting a family member or friend to join you for a remarkable feast. 

Show off your culinary skills and create a memorable dining experience using all the techniques and recipes you’ve learned throughout the program. 

This celebratory occasion will not only showcase your progress but also serve as a meaningful way to share the joy of cooking with your loved ones.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your cooking ability and expand your culinary horizons.

Cooking Program Flyer: Download HERE

Next Start Date: 9th February 2024

To register your interest or for more information:
Contact Ryan on 0417 042 139

Social Group

Discover an exciting and inclusive social group program that helps individuals build positive social connections and feel a sense of belonging within their community.
Our adventure based eco-therapy activities allow participants to embark on outdoor adventures and experience the therapeutic benefits of nature. These outings provide not only opportunities for fun and enjoyment but also a chance for personal growth and development.

That sets our social group program apart is the active involvement of participants in planning activities. We believe in empowering individuals to take an active role in shaping their experiences, fostering independence and honing various skills in a supportive and engaging group setting.

Join us to explore the great outdoors, connect with like-minded individuals and discover the joy of building meaningful relationships. Our social group program is designed to create memorable experiences while nurturing personal growth and a sense of belonging in the community.

Social Group Program Flyer: Download HERE

Next Start Date: 7th February 2024

To register your interest or for more information:
Contact Ryan on 0417 042 139

Wellness Workouts

Experience a life-changing transformation and embrace an active lifestyle with our exlcusive 10-week fitness program tailored just for you.

Uncover a plethora of sports activities that cater to your interests, from gym workouts and yoga sessions to breathwork, SUP adventures, climbing challenges, swimming sessions and more!

Our seasoned Eco-mentors will guide you every step of the way, infusing the program with fun, inclusivity and personalised support to ensure you achieve your fitness aspirations. Embark on this empowering journey of strength and wellness with us today! 

Register your interest and unlock your full potential!

Fitness Program Flyer: Download HERE

Next Start Date: 5th February 2024

To register your interest or for more information:
Contact Ryan on 0417 042 139

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