Our Philosophy

Our programs are at the forefront of innovation in community service provision in Australia. We believe in empowering individuals and groups to develop self-reliance, resilience and a deep appreciation for the natural world. Through our experiential learning approach, participants engage in hands-on activities that challenge and inspire them to overcome obstacles, work together and discover their true potential.

At Tribes Adventure Group we are committed to enhancing wellbeing and building resilience through a wide range of engaging activities, immersive camps and dedicated support programs.

Our focus is on utilising unique therapeutic practices that encompass:-


Survival Skills

Life Skills

Adventure Therapy

Legend Therapy


Ecotherapy is a therapeutic approach that utilises nature-based immersion and experiences to enhance overall wellbeing. Our ecotherapy programs take place in the most awe-inspiring natural locations, including waterfalls, caves, swimming holes, subtropical rainforests and scenic hikes throughout our region. These experiences are all carefully curated so that they are accessible and risk-managed through the expert guidance of our Eco-mentors.

The Importance of Ecotherapy

Throughout history, nomadic and tribal societies understood the immense benefits of being in nature, enjoying physical exercise and soaking in the healing effects of sunlight (Vitamin D). Unfortunately, modern society often limits our opportunities to connect with the natural world and experience its therapeutic benefits.

Research conducted by Mind, a leading mental health charity in the UK has shown that ecotherapy practices should be recognised as a valuable treatment option for individuals with mental illness. Their groundbreaking report “Ecotherapy: The Green Agenda for Mental Health” highlights the positive impact of “green exercise” options on depression.

Engaging in ecotherapy activities has a range of clinically and scientifically proven benefits, including:-
Natural and Social Connections
Observing wildlife, evoking positive memories and experiencing spiritual feelings that foster a sense of connection with nature and others.​
Sensory Stimulation
Being surrounded by vibrant colours, soothing sounds and fresh air as a contrast from urban life allows individuals to escape pollution and find enjoyment.​
Escape from Modern Life
Offering a respite from daily pressures and stress allows time for reflection, clearing the mind and promoting mental clarity. ​
Physical Activity
Participating in exercise and utilising manual skills promote the release of serotonin, a naturally occurring mood-enhancing chemical in the brain.​
Fostering a Love of the Outdoors
Prioritising spending time in nature inspires a deep appreciation for the natural world, which in turn will cultivate sustainable routines & positive habits.
In addition to these benefits, our ecotherapy locations serve as an ideal platform for offering advice, discussing personal challenges and facilitating open conversations that go beyond the confines of a clinical office setting. By promoting healthy living and instilling a passion for the outdoors, we empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives and foster sustainable connections with the environment.

Survival Skills

Survival skills are essential techniques that individuals can utilise to endure and navigate dangerous or risky situations allowing them to survive indefinitely. These skills hark back to the basic ideas and abilities that ancient humans developed over thousands of years. By learning these skills individuals gain the knowledge and capability to thrive in nature and develop a deeper appreciation for it.
At Tribes Adventure Group we have curated a comprehensive collection of over 60 survival skill lessons and templates. These lessons cover various concepts including:-
In addition to these benefits, our ecotherapy locations serve as an ideal platform for offering advice, discussing personal challenges and facilitating open conversations that go beyond the confines of a clinical office setting. By promoting healthy living and instilling a passion for the outdoors, we empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives and foster sustainable connections with the environment.

Life Skills

Life skills are essential abilities that enable individuals to adapt and exhibit positive behaviour in order to effectively navigate the demands and challenges of life.

These skills encompass various aspects of daily living, whether at school, work, home or in personal relationships.
Teaching life skills involves imparting knowledge and techniques relating to:-
Interactions with Others
Communication, empath, active listening, teamwork and conflict resolution.
Developing organisation strategies, setting goals, managing priorities & maintaining a structured approach to tasks.
Time Management
Planning, prioritising and effectively utilising time to meet deadlines and balance responsibilities.
Budgeting and Money Management
Understanding financial concepts, creating budgets, tracking expenses and making informed financial decisions.
Household Basics and Chores
Learning essential household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, laundry and basic home maintenance.
Repairs and Maintenance
Acquiring skills relating to minor repairs and maintenance tasks around the home or workplace.
Healthy Habits and Hygiene
Promoting personal well-being through healthy habits, self-care routines and maintaining proper hygiene.

Why do we teach life skills?

Life skills do not develop on their own; they need to be learned and nurtured. Many individuals we work with face social, physical, environmental or intellectual factors that impact their ability to make informed and responsible decisions.

Teaching life skills is a crucial aspect of mentoring programs at Tribes Adventure Group. By providing instruction in life skills, we empower our clients to make informed and responsible decisions and take action accordingly. Building these skills enhances an individual’s ability to take responsibility for themselves, increase their independence and maximise their potential to contribute positively to their community.

Our systematic approach to teaching life skills is an essential strategy within our mentoring programs. We have a comprehensive suite of life lesson skills accessible to every Eco-mentor enabling us to reinforce parental or carer expectations while helping participants achieve their goals and aspirations.

Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy refers to the provision of community access and support to a wide range of exhilarating adventure activities, tourism activities and recreational pursuits for our participants.

These activities encompass a diverse array of options including theme parks, virtual reality experiences, museums, guided tours, kayaking, boat cruises, laser skirmish, gel blasting, sporting events, high ropes courses, mini gold, go-karting, rock climbing, wildlife sanctuaries and zoos, sporting centres, local attractions, archery, stand-up paddle boarding, ice skating, surf lessons and other adventure based experiences.

So why do we emphasise Adventure Therapy?

Many of the individuals we work with face accessibility challenges when it comes to enjoying adventurous activities often due to their disability or life circumstances. At Tribes Adventure Group we aim to address this disadvantage by facilitating community access and providing support for a diverse range of adventure activities and experiences as well recreational opportunities.

Engaging in these adventure experiences enables individuals to push their boundaries, fostering resilience and self-esteem through these activities that they may not typically have access to. These experiences also serve as powerful tools for team-building, promoting social inclusion and creating lasting, positive memories.

To ensure that we cater to the specific sensory needs of our participants, we have categorised all the adventure experiences based on their sensory aspects. This includes touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, vestibular (related to balance and spatial orientation) and proprioception (related to body position and movement) sensory activities.

By understanding these sensory factors we can help participants with sensory based needs avoid triggers that may cause anxiety and distress. Moreover it allows us to identify the adventure activities that align with an individual’s preferred sensory needs, ensuring they have positive and enriching experiences.

Legend Therapy

Legend therapy is a transformative approach that utilises myths, legends, fables and cultural stories that have been passed down through generations in various cultures worldwide since the beginning of time.

These stories served as vital tools for storing collective memories in the absence of written language. They were employed by tribes and cultures to impart life skills, share historical knowledge, teach environmental awareness, guide behaviour and conduct and convey philosophical and moral lessons that fostered prosperity within their environments.

In many of these legends, animals often take centre stage, symbolising human traits or characteristics that the storyteller aims to critique in order to impart a moral lesson.
At Tribes Adventure Group, we recognise the immense value of these cultural stories and have compiled a comprehensive database from diverse cultures around the world. We incorporate these legends into our programs and mentoring sessions to teach valuable lessons to young people and engage them in conversations about life’s complexities and mysteries.

Legend therapy serves as a powerful tool for reflection, enabling young individuals to contemplate their choices and make better decisions in the future. By exploring the wisdom embedded within these ancient tales, participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships and the world around them.
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