Programs for Schools

At our organisation, we collaborate closely with schools to develop customised programs that align with their specific needs. Our programs are rooted in experiential learning, drawing on the expertise of our experienced outdoor facilitators in survival skills, bushcraft and environmental awareness training.

Our primary objective is to facilitate personal growth for each student while complementing and reinforcing the school’s curriculum and values. Our learning environment is designed to:

1. Foster effective communication and teamwork practices.

2. Cultivate operational skills for thriving in the Australian outdoors.

3. Instil an understanding of survival principles that can be applied to everyday life.

4. Enhance confidence, self-esteem and maturity.

5. Introduce students to improvisation and bushcraft skills that are diminishing in modern society.

6. Teach respect for oneself, others and the environment.

7. Strength existing educational programs.

School coordinators have the flexibility to choose from our range of camp templates or create a customised camp tailored to their specific needs as well as choose any of our outdoor instructors to accompany them on camp.

We are committed to delivering engaging and transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact on a student’s personal development and academic journey. 

Duke of Edinburgh Students

Tribes Adventure Group specialises in facilitating the Adventurous Journey component for the Duke of Edinburgh students. With our extensive experience, we are well equipped to provide exceptional camps that meet the program’s requirements.

Our camps are designed to immerse students in remote and thrilling recreational experiences, allowing them to connect with and learn from the natural environment. Led by our knowledgeable staff each expedition focuses on a specific mode of transport and incorporates essential survival skills and environmental awareness.

What sets us apart is our involvement in both the tourism and community sectors, offering unique opportunities for innovation and cross-training within our programs. This enables us to deliver dynamic and comprehensive experiences to our participants.

You can choose from our existing Duke of Edinburgh Marine and Land Survival Camps, which have been carefully crafted to meet the needs of adventurous individuals. Alternatively, we are more than happy to create a custom-designed camp that fosters the spirit of adventure and discovery for all participants.

Join us for an unforgettable journey where students can expand their horizons, build resilience and develop invaluable skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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