Survival Skills

Survival skills are essential techniques that individuals can utilise to endure and navigate dangerous or risky situations allowing them to survive indefinitely. These skills hark back to the basic ideas and abilities that ancient humans developed over thousands of years. By learning these skills individuals gain the knowledge and capability to thrive in nature and develop a deeper appreciation for it.

At Tribes Adventure Group we have curated a comprehensive collection of over 60 survival skill lessons and templates. These lessons cover various concepts including:-

But why do we emphasise teaching survival skills?

The answer lies in their relevance to success and wellbeing in modern society. These skills embody a skill set and mindset that enables individuals to provide for themselves, their families and their communities. The fundamental principles and techniques learned in survival skills training are easily transferable to everyday life.

Consider the parallels: we all need a safe and comfortable place to live (shelter), a solid understanding of nutrition and cooking (fire), the ability to navigate through our surroundings using various means of transportation (navigation), knowledge of the importance of hydration (water), physical fitness for overall health and mental resilience to navigate the emotional ups and downs of the human experience.

By teaching survival skills, we equip our participants with a sense of confidence, accomplishment and a capability that extends far beyond the training itself. These skills instil a deep-rooted belief in one’s abilities and foster a resilient mindset. The confidence gained through survival skills training transcends the wilderness and empowers individuals to approach challenges in all aspects of life with courage and determination.
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